We Are All Treaty People

On Monday, we had a guest lecturer for our ECS 210 class. Claire Kreuger did a presentation about Treaty Education and I don’t think I’m wrong by saying many, if not all, of the students enjoyed it. I found this lecture extremely beneficial!

Claire shared with us some of the ways she has integrated Treaty Education into her classroom and how she used technology to expand on it. I really appreciated that she shared the mistakes that she has made for us to learn from. I also enjoyed seeing and hearing examples of the projects her students have completed. It is always good to remember not to estimate your students because those grade 3/4’s did some amazing work!!

It’s important to remember that as educators, it is our job to deliver Treaty Education and that the students do value the information. Teaching Treaty Ed can be far from easy, but nothing is impossible!!

I strongly suggest checking out Claire’s blog:


One thought on “We Are All Treaty People

  1. Claire’s presentation was a powerful way toinstill in everyone the importance of teaching Treaty Education. She openly shared her struggles, worries, challenges but also the excitement was evident when she shared her student projects.

    Love her blog and I think it’s time that we all comment on her student’s writing. It’s our way of giving back to Claire for taking time to share her story with us.

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