Written Response

I chose to do a written response regarding the story “Brown Kid Can’t Be In Our Club”.  Following the few lines from my paper, you will find a link to the full written response.

“To start off, the main reason I chose this particular story is because my boyfriend is from Jamaica and we are a bi-racial couple.”

“As a white person, I cannot say that I completely understand what people of other races feel when they are being discriminated against, but I have had a small taste of what it would be like. “

“I believe that teaching students about different races and getting into topics about race and skin colour at a young age can help the students in many ways.”

“Although teaching these topics can be difficult, I feel that it is essential for all students to learn them.”

ECS 210 Written Response


One thought on “Written Response

  1. Thanks for sharing your personal connections to the stories. It is interesting that people still tend to stare at couples if they are seen to be ‘different’ from the norm – bi-racial, same sex holding hands, people with disabilities, people who are homeless and so on. You have experienced these ‘looks’ and know how it feels. You also have someone who loves and supports you and is willing to share his experiences as a Jamaican living in Canada. Why is it so easy for so many to marginalize others?

    I agree that children are so much more accepting, open, kind and it’s adults who look with such judgement. So… how can teachers create equitable learning spaces where children discuss topics such as race so they become adults with the same accepting, open, kind approach to all?

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