Wordle Visual Representations

Wordle Visual Representations

This post is a bit late as it was meant to be posted last week, however, I finally got it done!

I chose to do a visual representation for the 4 stories from The New Teacher Book. I created a wordle for each story with some of the words that stood out to me and that were used quite often.

1. Creating Classrooms for Equity and Social Justice by the Editors (page 157)
2. Building Community for Chaos by Linda Christensen (page 67)
3. Why We Need to Go Beyond the Classroom by Stan Karp (page 287)
4. The Best Discipline Is Good Curriculum by Kelley Dawson Salas (page 241)


Cheerios Commercial

We watched the following video in my ECE class yesterday. It shows different kids’ reactions to the Cheerios commercial that included an interracial family.

It is interesting to see how open the kids are and to hear their answers to the different different questions asked. The kids are definitely showing advocacy for social justice in this situation.

It is worth watching and some of the kids may make you laugh from their comments.

Reconsidering My Autobiography

We were asked to take another look into the autobiography we wrote for our ecs210 class and look for hidden messages and things that we did not address such as gender, sexuality and race.

I did not directly address that I was a female in my autobiography because I had the assumption that it would be known from my name. I did mentioned that I had a boyfriend and that he was from Jamaica, but I did not state that I was white because it is usually, unfortunately, assumed. I talked about learning a new culture and from this it could be assumed that I am not Jamaican but it still doesn’t say what race I am.

I found it important for my identity to address my Jamaican boyfriend because he has supported me throughout the school semesters and learning about his culture has changed my views and has opened my eyes to many things around me.