I ran into a few struggles this past week when trying to complete assignments for my ECMP355 class. I haven’t made it to any of the online meetings for the class because I’m either not available or I can’t get on them. My boyfriend takes our laptop to work with him and sometimes works late at night. I have an iPad but I couldn’t log on to the meeting with that. It was frustrating but at least I was able to watch the recordings and hopefully will make it to an online meeting soon!!

Now, the struggles with my About Me welcome video….

I had absolutely NO idea what I was going to do for it. I am so glad that I am in such an interactive class with such creative classmates! Watching everyone’s videos gave me ideas and made it easier for me.

I started to make my video on my iPad as my boyfriend had the laptop at work. I have used iMovie before so I wanted to try something different. And that is where my struggles started. I downloaded a few apps to try. Trial and failure with some of them. I then found Animoto and really liked it. So that is what my video was made with. After like an hour of making a one minute video, I was DONE! Now to save it…. The only way I could save it was straight to Animoto’s website. If I wanted to save the video to my iPad so that I could upload it to YouTube, I would have had to start paying for a subscription. I honestly did not want to do that. I also didn’t want to start over and make a brand new video b/c I really liked this one. Sooo frustrating. So my solution to this problem was to play my video on the laptop and record it on my iPad. This is why the quality isn’t very good, but I hope everyone will understand why! I am still kind of disappointed with how I had to do it, but I also learned that I should test saving things out before putting a lot of work into it! 🙂


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