Visitor or Resident?

While making my internet map (shown in my previous post), I definitely had a lot on my mind. I had to think about how much I actually use the internet and what I use it for. Do I mainly just take things and go? Or am I creating more of an online footprint?

I realized that I am not on the internet too much but when I am, it is mainly just to grab things and go. There are exceptions like Facebook and Instagram where I post pictures, information about me, and talk to friends. The thing with these is that they are private. You have to add me as a friend before you can see the majority of my things on Facebook as well as on Instagram.

What about potential employers?

That is something that has come up on occasion in ECMP355 and has made me really think about it. I want to create more of an online presence so that when future employers decide to search for me on the internet (it will happen, we have all creeped the odd person on Facebook, at least once), they can find me and what I’m about rather than a private Facebook account.

I hope that with this blog, I can create more of an online presence. I hope to become more of a “resident” online and less of a “visitor”. I also hope that my ECMP355 class will help me to do this or at least give me some great ideas and resources so that I can do it myself! **Spoiler alert: it’s already helping!


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