Times are a Changin’

There are plenty of things online that are just a click away. This is not really news to anyone.

Can’t remember the name of a song?        Look it up.
Need to know that recipe for cookies?       Look it up.
Feel like looking at funny cat pictures?      Look it up.

This just came to mind when I was thinking about wedding planning and how/when to do it. One of my friends was bugging me the day that I got engaged and told me that I better pick up some wedding magazines/books on my way home from work. The first thing that I thought was why I would do that when I can just look it up online.

This made me think about all the resources we have readily available at our fingertips. It’s just a matter of using the resources we have in a useful way and sharing our resources for others to use.


3 thoughts on “Times are a Changin’

  1. Carolyn Fluter says:

    I feel the same way.. But for me it’s always “Google it”… It’s funny how readily available information is to us these days. I remember having to get as much done in my 30 minute limit of dial up internet as I could.. Which wasn’t much because.. Well.. It was dial up! The rest I found in our collection of encyclopedias and the big blue dictionary! (Do they still have those in classrooms?)

  2. Sort of unrelated to the point of your post, but a big congrats on your engagement! I find myself really missing blogging, tweeting, and interacting with all of my peers in Elem Ed, so it’s a nice comfort to still be connected to you all online and still see what everyone is up to and thinking about – I guess that is a slight connection to your post haha. So many possibilities that internet offers to us; we can communicate without snail mail.

  3. Carolyn — I totally know what you mean! All I had was dial up at my house until I was almost done high school

    Kara — Thanks so much! It’s definitely a big change going from interacting all the time during school to not very much during the summer!

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