Checking out Symbaloo

Symbaloo is something that I have seen briefly prior to watching Untangling the Web. I had signed up for it last semester, played around with it for a few minutes and then just left it. It just didn’t seem like it would be that good and I had no use for it at the time. Or at least so I thought. After seeing it on Steve and Adam’s site, I figured I would give it another chance.

Symbaloo is a site where you can add bookmarks to a page and it shows pictures/tiles for that bookmark. This is something that you can completely customize and you can sign in and have these bookmarks wherever you are! This is a site that you can use anytime. You have the option to make different tabs so if you want, you can have a personal tab, an educational resource tab, a teacher tab, etc.

Symbaloo would be very handy for research projects. A student can be doing research at school and then go home and pick up right where they left off because they can just bookmark the sites they were looking at.

I read Trevor Kerr’s post about Symbaloo. He suggested something that I had not really thought of when I was exploring the site. Because you have the option to share the Symbaloo pages or “mixes” of bookmarks, it can be very beneficial for younger grades.

If you make a Symbaloo mix with all of the sites that you want the students to explore, all you have to do is share the mix with them and they will have all of the sites in front of them. This will cut down the time that the students use to type in the longer URLs and give them more time to actually explore the sites, especially since time is very precious as an educator!


2 thoughts on “Checking out Symbaloo

  1. This sounds great Alyshia! Do you prefer Symbaloo to Diijo? I have very little experience with either, but I know Diijo allows you to highlight the texts online as well.

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