Untangling the Web

In ECMP355, I had the opportunity to watch a presentation called “Untangling the Web” by Adam Bellow and Steve Dembo. They showed us many tools that we can access online and use for our classroom. I really enjoyed that the walked through each tool they showed us and gave us a demonstration.


I really enjoyed Kahoot! It is a place where you can set up a quiz, discussion, or survey and make it into a game. Students can access it over a computer, ipad, or smartphone and participate.

During Adam and Steve’s presentation, it was suggested that it could be a good classroom management tool. I totally agree with this. I could have a quiz set up for when the students are coming into the classroom first thing in the morning, from a recess, lunch or whenever, and the students will have a certain amount of time they have to answer the question(s). This may help them get settled a little bit faster and while still having fun.

It seemed like a pretty easy tool to use when I was playing around on it. Because it was just me, I couldn’t get the full effect of people answering my quizzes but it still worked nonetheless.


This is a very easy online tool to use! I love the idea of posing a question to students and giving them the opportunity to post to the wall. This allows for all the students thoughts and ideas to be shared. Try out my Padlet wall and let me know what you think!


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