Views on my Blog

Last night, I was poking around WordPress just to explore it and try to learn more about how it works and whatnot. While doing this, I found something that I thought was very interesting.

I could see the views on my blog by country! Normally I probably wouldn’t be really excited but I had views from outside of Canada! The majority of my views were in Canada which was expected since it would be classmates and profs looking at my blog. What really got me was that I had 13 views from the United States since I’ve had my blog and 5 of them were from this past week. I also had 3 views from Australia which I am assuming was Sue Waters. Nonetheless it was still an amazing feeling! Especially since I wasn’t expecting it, and it meant that people were actually seeing what I was posting! I still just assumed that only the people from my classes were the ones looking at my blog.

If you have a WordPress blog and want to check out your views by country but aren’t sure how, here’s an easy way to do it:

  • Log in to
  • Click on STATS at the top of the screen
  • You will then see VIEWS BY COUNTRY just a bit down the screen
  • Click on SUMMARIES and then just go from there!

I just wanted to share this experience of excitement that I had! It was a great feeling to see that “outside people” were checking out my blog


Cheerios Commercial

We watched the following video in my ECE class yesterday. It shows different kids’ reactions to the Cheerios commercial that included an interracial family.

It is interesting to see how open the kids are and to hear their answers to the different different questions asked. The kids are definitely showing advocacy for social justice in this situation.

It is worth watching and some of the kids may make you laugh from their comments.