Fun with Five Card Flickr

Alan Levine talked to us about digital storytelling for ECMP355. We were asked to explore some of the resources he provided for us.

I really liked the idea of Five Card Flickr and using it was SO easy! The idea is that you choose 5 pictures that come up randomly and you make a story out of it.

I think that this is great for in the classroom. It invites students to be imaginative and creative. Rather than explain directly what the pictures show, I would ask students to just use them as a background and to make up a story outside of the pictures, to think outside the box.

This is a resource for any grade and students can use it individually, in groups, or as a whole class. Other than an obvious creative writing assignment, I would use this as a brain break with the whole class.

I made a sample story that you can check out. I also encourage you to make one yourself!!