#Hashtag with #Twitter

Last week, Josh Stumpenhorst was a guest speaker for our ECMP355 class. He talked about how to use Twitter, what you could use it for, as well as using TweetDeck.

I used Twitter a bit in my last semester so I had a decent idea of how to use it. I understood the purpose of hashtags and following other people. So it was more of a refresher for me when Josh was talking about it.

What I was kind of frustrated about with Twitter was how to follow certain hashtags without having to search them individually all the time. Josh introduced TweetDeck to us *cue “ta-da” music*. This is a place where you can essentially follow hashtags and have everything organized. You can add and delete these lists whenever you want. It’s great!

I have downloaded TweetDeck to my Google Chrome and have a few hashtags that I am following. I like to follow #edchat. It’s steady with information and resources. I also follow #ecmp355 so I can see any tweets from my class. I also like to follow #elemchat as I am in elementary education. As I start using Twitter more, I am positive that I will find more hashtags to follow as well as many useful resources.

Even just seeing resources shared by people I’m following is super helpful. Katia Hildebrant retweeted a tweet about a blog post. It was related to Twitter chats. Since we have been talking about it in ECMP355, it caught my eye and I clicked on it. It’s a great post about twitter and live chats. I suggest taking a look at it! I haven’t had the chance to participate in a live chat just yet, but I hope to do so in the near future!