What Does Google Have to Say About You?

Last week, Amber Teamann talked to us about our online presence and how important it is to keep it positive and be a true representation of ourselves.

I definitely think that this is something that matters, especially in today’s society. Many employers will Google their potential new hires before calling for an interview. Let’s be honest, I’m sure even you have googled someone else or at least yourself at one time.

When I googled myself, I had to put quotation marks around my name so that it would search for the correct spelling of my first name. Before putting the quotation marks, the first few things that came up were me and then there were posts with variations of spelling for my first name that were not me. After the quotation marks, more of the content was actually about me.

Google1 Google2

The first thing that came up was my Twitter account, great!! The next couple things were some Facebook posts that I was tagged in and that I had wrote. Neither of them are negative, but I do wish they were further down the list. I have the same thoughts with my Pinterest pins. After that there is an interview that was done by a classmate a few years ago, but is no longer accessible. FINALLY, almost on the bottom of the first page is my blog.

I would really like to have my blog and Twitter at the top of the page when I am googled. That is one thing that I would really like to change. I have created an about.me page and a LinkedIn account. I hope that these will soon be visible when I am googled!


#Hashtag with #Twitter

Last week, Josh Stumpenhorst was a guest speaker for our ECMP355 class. He talked about how to use Twitter, what you could use it for, as well as using TweetDeck.

I used Twitter a bit in my last semester so I had a decent idea of how to use it. I understood the purpose of hashtags and following other people. So it was more of a refresher for me when Josh was talking about it.

What I was kind of frustrated about with Twitter was how to follow certain hashtags without having to search them individually all the time. Josh introduced TweetDeck to us *cue “ta-da” music*. This is a place where you can essentially follow hashtags and have everything organized. You can add and delete these lists whenever you want. It’s great!

I have downloaded TweetDeck to my Google Chrome and have a few hashtags that I am following. I like to follow #edchat. It’s steady with information and resources. I also follow #ecmp355 so I can see any tweets from my class. I also like to follow #elemchat as I am in elementary education. As I start using Twitter more, I am positive that I will find more hashtags to follow as well as many useful resources.

Even just seeing resources shared by people I’m following is super helpful. Katia Hildebrant retweeted a tweet about a blog post. It was related to Twitter chats. Since we have been talking about it in ECMP355, it caught my eye and I clicked on it. It’s a great post about twitter and live chats. I suggest taking a look at it! I haven’t had the chance to participate in a live chat just yet, but I hope to do so in the near future!